Specialists MADE Artis alongside the property and the buyer in the process of sale and purchase of works of art.


We put to your advantage of our experience and market knowledge to maximize the result of a sale or purchase. By working with a percentage commission, we are stakeholders to improve the management of works.All stages are shared with our customers.


MADE Artis offers the long and specific experience in the national and international market, the vast documentary material and contacts developed during decades by art historians, artists, archives and foundations, operators, private and institutional collectors.Whether you wish to buy or sell, the first step is the correct description and cataloging of the works, indispensable step to formulate a realistic assessment.


Of each work will be considered age, condition, attribution, specific literature, written and all the other variables that contribute to the formulation of the value of a work of art.


They are analyzed advantages and weaknesses of each work to identify a range of value so realistic.Once we analyzed the situation will be offered the choice of strategy of selling or buying. The channels are mainly two: the public auction and the tractive private.


MADE Artis performing professional assessments of works of art and antiques , whether for sale or for purchase.

Constantly following the market, together with the deep knowledge gained through decades of experience and field work , experts MADE Artis are able to provide feedback that can be internationally accepted and recognized.

The evaluations can be drawn up for different purposes:
• hereditary divisions
• verification sheets
• Insurance of works of art
• assessments to " fair value " for the company's assets ( regulations IAS / IFRS )
• lawsuits

Rates are based on a cost per day for expert € 800 , divisible or multipliable according to the real need of the question . Any action you can request an estimate




The works on sale are cataloged by MADE Artis.
It 'always guaranteed the era. The author is what the current level of educational attainment art history allows us to communicate.
The powers are often supported by publications of historians or confirmed by specialists (on a specific theme or an artist).






The formation of the price of a work of art combine numerous variables that experts MADE Artis analyze accurately benefiting also the support of external specialists such as art historians and restorers.
The key variables are: authenticity, attribution, subject, size, support and state of preservation, but very important is the trend in the art market at the time of sale.
Help set a price is also the possibility of comparing the work in question to other similar that was the subject of a previous negotiation. MADE Artis uses for this a huge database supported by an updated library.






The artwork is delivered with a card conferring the buyer paid completed, leaving his load any transport.
The sale price includes the commission of the law due to MADE Artis and VAT calculated only on commission.





MADE Atis make a pre-assessment of the works (above) useful as a basis for negotiations with the auction houses. They will be selected those operators (national or international) that provide the optimum sales results. Depending on the characteristics of the works or the collection they could also be used more operators. Bigli follows and coordinates all the sales path, in accordance with the property.




Zero. MADE Artis takes its commission only by the auction house. This committee, called "IC" (introductory commission) is generally 4% plus VAT, and not imposed on the commission from the seller. It 'a cost to the auction house, offset by the commission the buyer (' buyer's premium ').
So it is no cost for the property, at no cost, is flanked by experts MADE Artis whose objective is to choose the right operator to maximize sales results.






Private negotiations, managed on behalf of the property provides the same actions preceding described above. After defining a realistic value, the property Instructs MADE Artis to find the buyer negotiated




For sale negotiated MADE Artis take a commission from the seller and the buyer. The commissions have varying rates depending on the value and complexity of intermediation, but settle on average between 4% and 8%.




Two weeks after the sale in private negotiations, the payment will be made by bank transfer, check or bank draft.
The work will be delivered to the buyer only after payment completed.