"Art does not reproduce what is visible, but makes visible what is not always so." 

      Paul Klee



We are a team of professionals that from 1992 deals with promotion and artistic advice; thanks to our team of industry is a reliable and competent partner to trust for the evaluation of work and for advice on how to maximize profits from their artwork.


MADE Artis protection sellers and buyers from the risks that can arise from a purchase and a sale online while also offering the assurance of a safe place for the encounter between supply and demand in the art world.


The absolute confidentiality is part of our priorities


The experience of MADE Artis to know the value of a work of art or an entire collection assuluta relying on the expertise of our experts and confidentiality.


Our team of art experts will evaluate your work by producing a valid documentation for the promotion and sale.


MADE Artis is specialized in brokering the purchase and sale of works of art, a network of professional advisers involved in the assessment works of art and to promote it in the best way, offering all the guarantees is that you buy or you sell.


MADE Artis offers a dedicated team of experts who will accompany the collector at every stage of the sale and that support in order to get the sale or purchase at the lowest price.


- Planning inclusion of the works within the exhibition circuits most prestigious
- Art dealer with direct contacts of pre-scheduled appointments.
- Contacts with the galleries.


MADE Artis search and select the works and artists as a result of specific requests or following a precise plan that will study together with your organization by connecting thousands of artists and collectors.

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